We went to the Yorkshire Dales Museum, it was great, there were sculptures and then a Mining part and lots to look at. Eli was car sick every where on the way and Mummy and Me had to find a shop that sold new trousers and a coat for him. Then we went for lunch it was lovely. Then we went to Hardraw Waterfall, you had to go through a pub to get there, guess what, it was raining again. The waterfall was loud and big. Me and Eli thought it was a big like the Jurassic period and pretended Dinosaurs lived there. Daddy took a silly photo.




We are going on some mini holidays this summer holiday and we went to the YHA in Grinton. When we got there it was pouring with Rain, we went to Reeth, it was still raining so we went into the Museum there. It told us all about the mining for Lead in the area and showed some of the fossils they found there. Then we walked about a bit and then we had an ice cream. We went to see the route to a few Castles near by to see if we could bring our bikes next year and have a proper holiday. Mummy said we can but sh will need to get out on her bike more as it was hilly. Our YHA was an old hunting lodge, it was amazing, we played table football and snooker and Daddy cooked Jacket potatoes. After dinner we went for a walk on the Dales, it is where I am basing my next book.





We went to the seaside. After a look around we went up the lighthouse, it was really high up, it is the lighthouse they use in Grandpa in my pocket, you could see for miles, Mummy had to crawl back down the stairs on her hands and knees because she is so scared of heights, it was funny. After lunch we went paddling, there was a wave bigger than Mummy that knocked me down, I got very wet. We dried out and I buried myself in the sand then we went and had an ice cream.
In the sand
In the lighthouse
Looking down

This time we rode our bikes to Easton Farm Park. It was really fun, we got to cuddle a rabbit, race peddle tractors, go on a horse and cart and train ride and took a long walk. We rode back to the YHA but that wasn’t the end. After we got back we went fossil hunting at Ramsholt in the london Clay. We found 2 whole fossilized snails, some fossil coral and some interesting rocks. I loved it.

We rode on our bikes to Orford Castle. I fell off and cut my leg and my elbow. It hurt a lot, the road was sandy and tricky to ride on. When we got to Orford Castle we got some headphones, when you went into the room there was a number on the wall you dialed in the number to the headphones and it told you what the room was for. I went off with Daddy and Eli went off with Mummy. Me and Daddy had a great time, then we went looking for Mummy and Eli, when we found them Eli was yelling at Mummy outside, he was yelling because Mummy wouldn’t let him have a stupid bouncy ball, he kept on yelling for TWO HOURS (editors note – about 20 minutes), then he stopped and he went on about how sorry he was.
Mummy wanted to go so we set off for the YHA but when we got to a sign that said High House Fruits then Mummy said lets go to the fruit shop so we rode to the fruit shop. There was a sign that said Pick Your Own, then we got a box and set to work picking every thing in sight, we picked Logan Berries and Raspberries then we were done. Then we rode home safe and sound meaning I didn’t fall off again.

As Daddy and Mummy have been so busy lately and been forgetting to update the blog Seth will be taking over writing the blog for the whole of 2014 Summer Holiday!

Seth had to miss the last two days of school because he had a tummy bug so he got to help Mummy and Eli clean out twig. It was a lovely day so Twig came out for a bit of time in the garden and we gave him a shower.



Mark, Caine and Helen came to stay and we all went and watched the Tour come through Otley. Mummy and Eli stayed in Otley while Seth, Caine, Mark, Helen and Daddy cycled to Harrogate to catch the final. Seth was very sad when Cav fell but other than than it was an amazing experience.



Seth choked, we got sent in an ambulance to LGI. He had food blocking his esophagus and needed a Endoscopy to find it and then get it out. He is not allowed any thing other than liquids for 7-10 days and says he is so hungry he’d eat a cow (coming from a veggie must be serious).